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Termín: 2 dni podľa dohody


Lektor: s dlhoročnou praxou


Miesto konania: podľa dohody


Časový harmonogram: 8:30 - 9:00 prezentácia  


i9:00 - 16:00 kurz    

The Goal of the Training:

It is the aim of this training to enable the participants to:

  • Present naturally, effectively, and persuasively in English.
  • Use verbal and nonverbal communication in accordance with the goal of presentation.
  • Eliminate weak points of presentations and emphasize strong points naturally.
  • Modify style of presentation wit respect to the audience and the target.
  • Manage stress and get typical areas of difficulties at presentations under control.
  • Make presentations unique and interesting in an appropriate way.

Target Group:
The training is focused on those, who make presentations, and those, who have already participated at training focused on presentation or communication skills and feel the need to enhance their presentation skills in English and concentrate at particular areas of difficulties at their presentations. The training is aimed mostly at superiors, managers, sales managers, customer service representatives and trainers.



  • Make presentations more persuasive
  • Brush up your English
  • Analysis of audience and setting specific goals
  • Variation of presentation styles and techniques
  • How to handle problematic situations
  • Improving verbal communication
  • Body language
  • Critical parts of presentations
  • Different types of presentations
  • Public speech
  • How to improve the image of the Presenter
  • Difficult audience and how to handle it
  • Improvisation – problems and benefits

Methods and techniques: discussion, simulations, interactive exercise, role plays, case studies, and video recording.

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Variabilný symbol:  

Cena: dohodou  


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